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Here is a topic you can make money on, help people and believe it or not help animals all at the same time.

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Animal Behaviour College is the largest pet career school in North America. What is a pet career? Professional Dog Trainers, Veterinary Assistants, Pet Groomers, Cat Trainers, Aquatics experts, even Zookeeper Assistants and Service Dog Trainers are examples of viable pet careers. The pet business is much larger than many people realize. There are 7.9 million dogs and 8.5 million cats in Canadian homes. In fact over 60% of households have a dog or a cat as a pet and the pet population is still increasing. All of this means opportunities for animal lovers looking to take their passion and turn it into a viable career.

Animal Behaviour College has graduated over 33,000 students since its founding in late 1998. Thousands of animal lovers take our programs every year. Perhaps you know animal lovers who want to make a difference in the lives of animals, in both US and Canada? Perhaps you know people who love helping others? Why not refer them to ABC and earn money in the process?

To become a referring member of our Affiliate Program, register by reviewing the terms and clicking the “Request an ABC Affiliate number” button below. You can earn income while helping others find their dream career

How do you make money?

It is simple! Just tell people about ABC’s programs and encourage them to contact us to enrol. Make sure to have them mention your Affiliate Number at their time of enrolment for you to get credit for the enrollment, which will result in you getting paid!

How MUCH money can I make?

1-5 Enrolments in a 12 Month Period = $50 each for enrolment
6-10 Enrolments in a 12 Month Period = $75 each for enrolment
11-25 Enrolments in a 12 Month Period = $100 each for enrolment
26 or More Enrolments in a 12 Month Period = $150 each for enrolment

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions:

  • Your ABC Affiliate number must be given to the Admissions Counselor by the student at the time of enrolment for the ABC Affiliate (you) to be paid.
  • Failure to provide the ABC Affiliate number will result in the ABC Affiliate not being eligible for payment.
  • ABC Affiliates cannot claim enrolments after the fact.
    • It is up to the ABC Affiliate to make sure the referred student has their ABC Affiliate # and gives this number to the Admission Counselor at the time of enrolment.
    • If an ABC Affiliate believes they should have been credited for an enrolment and where not, they could reach out to and we will investigate.
  • ABC Affiliates cannot earn payments on students who are related to them.
  • No past or current employees or their families or friends may be ABC Affiliates.
  • Qualified referrals are for core programs only. Short Term Programs are not eligible for the ABC Affiliate program.
  • A student must pass stage 5 before a referral payment is paid.

By clicking on the Request  your ABC Affiliate Number button, I am confirming that I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of Animal Behaviour College’s Affiliate Program. I am also consenting to being contacted by Animal Behaviour College in regards to my participation in the ABC Affiliate Program.